Castillo June 2014 Birthdays – Enchilada Lunch

Took my camera to my sister-in-law Julie’s home to practice using my “nifty” 50mm prime lens. It’s a great prime lens (which means it has no zoom) but is great under low light. It provides a great boken (blurry images in the background) so my extended family was nice enough to let me shoot them during the Castillo combined Birthday lunch which “Aunt Julie” and Pricilla made some awesome homemade enchiladas. Since I really didn’t use the flash as much, I had to use a high ISO so some of the images might be a little grainy.

Click on the images below for a larger photos. And Castillo familia – if you want any of the originals – just let me know and I’ll send it to ya!


One thought on “Castillo June 2014 Birthdays – Enchilada Lunch

  1. Well…I guess my invitation to the Enchilada Lunch got lost? Wow, does that food look GOOD! Who made the rice?
    Excellent photos, Gilberto. Remind me to NEVER fall asleep in front of you. xo, M.

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