Dino Visit, Bread and iMac

Got more done yesterday even though it rained. We even got sidetracked a bit but that was part of the fun.

We started our day off by sleeping in a bit. But by 9:30am we were off (while it was raining) to see the Dinosaur exhibit at the Witte Museum. A good buddy of mine (Jonathan) told me we should arrive early so I was worried we were going to be late. But we only had to wait a few minutes. It was a little crowed but we enjoyed the Dinosaur exhibit.

Then the kiddos took be me through the rest of the museum. I hadn’t been in a while so it was neat for me. Kids loved that they got to lead me around. See the pictures below.

Funny thing was after an hour and a half we stepped out and WOW! Look how many people were waiting to get in! (last picture below) The line was long and stretched out to the parking lot! Again, I’m so glad we got there early. I would not have wanted to stand IN THE RAIN to get into the exhibit.

As we were driving off, I remembered a couple of people telling me about this bakery in Alamo Heights and since we were in the area, we stopped of at The Broadway Daily Bread. Good stuff. I bought some fresh baked 1/2 loaves of bread and some muffins for us. I’m sure Liz will love them.

Then it was off to find a case for my son’s new phone. No luck there. We got home around 1pm and had lunch. Then I snuck into my office to tackle setting up my new iMac. I told the kids they had to sort and fold the five baskets of laundry I had done the day prior.

…hey…don’t call me “Evil Dad” – they loved the Dino visit! So they had to finish some house work!

So, I began installing the new iMac. As I had mentioned I decided just bring over the core apps (mail, iCal and network settings) to my new iMac and reload all the other 3rd party apps. That was most of my day. I finally pushed away from the Mac at around 9pm. As I was rubbing my eyes and stretching my back, I heard some noises coming from Joaquin’s room.

I walked over and saw that he was clearing off his shelf in preparation for us to raise the hutch so he could be ready to receive my old iMac – new to him!

Just like Papa.

So that’s it for yesterday, got another busy day today. I’ll try to post tonight.


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