Fast trip down memory lane…

My son was working on his school project – yes…another project at the Saldivar household. He is preparing a speech about building a Balloon Rocket car that he built himself. You can see them below.

Funny enough, my daughter Emmy was working on her science project as well – she was entering data from her “reaction experiment” she did over the weekend, testing the reaction time of various family members to see how age played a part in their reaction time.

Not me thank god.

Joaquin was taking pictures of his current Balloon Rocket Car and asked if I would download them and get ones of when he was building his other “rocket vehicles.”

After I located the pictures (yes…I’m a pack rat) I copied them over to his Mac and I started to reminisce of the time we spent building his projects. That’s him up there in main picture.

I forget – he’s a DIY kinda guy too.

So I decided to post some of the pictures I found and the links to my other webpages where I kept the videos of our…uhmm…”his” progress and project trials. Sorry – no video of the Balloon Rocket car – it just wasn’t that inspiring. You can click on the pictures for a larger view.

Man…both of them (Emmy and Joaquin) were young.

Here is the video of the first Water Rocket:
Joaquin’s Water Bottle Rocket Test Launch

And here was his 2nd Water Rocket – but as a car:
Joaquin’s 2008 Science Fair Project

And his award:
Joaquin’s Science Fair Project 2008

Just going down memory lane…FAST.


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