Foggy night at Little Leaf Drive

It has been foggy all day today. I can’t remember last time I had seen the fog so thick during the day.

Tonight around 9pm, my wife LIz went to the grocery store to pick up some groceries. I stayed home with the kids.

At 9:30pm, she called to let me know she was on her way home. I told her to be careful since the fog was still thick outside.

“I will,” she said and I waited.

Soon I heard the familiar hum of the garage door opening and then heard her call out to me to help unload groceries. I put on my Crocs and stepped out into the foggy night.

The air was thick and heavy as I began to unload several of the green HEB bags from the car trunk. I could feel the damp, sound-suppressing moisture pressing on exposed skin of my arms.

Funny…no dogs were barking. There are always dogs barking…

Suddenly I felt a cool breeze tickle the hairs on the back of my neck.

As I lifted that last of the groceries – two one gallon milk jugs, I closed the trunk and noticed shadows dancing on my driveway.

I looked back and saw my neighbor’s tree…shrouding the corner street light. For a few seconds I was mesmerized by the sight of light emanating from the tree limbs.

Was that a low, gurgling, moan I heard off in the distance?

My fixation with scene before me was broken when Liz called out to me.

“Is that all the groceries?” she asked from the kitchen.

Suddenly my survival instinct surfaced. My posture changed and the grip on the two one gallon milk jugs tightened. This is how that sap in the movies dies, lulled by false sense of security thinking nothing will happen to him near his home…then the Zombies strike.

Yes…my over active imagination working overtime again.

Quickly and with purpose, I began to walk towards the safety of my garage. If the Undead where to suddenly block my path, I would strike them with the milk jugs. The cool opaque liquid would temporary blind my attackers…just enough time for me to reach my numerous cache of cordless tools (weapons) near my work bench.

I had seen Zombies before and I was not going to be a victim tonight.

“What’s wrong Gilbert?” Liz asked as I safely crossed the threshold of my garage and stepping into the kitchen. With a heavy sigh, I placed the milk jugs on the counter.

I walked into my study and grabbed her camera – then went outside and snapped a couple of pictures of the image that inspired this brief glimpse of what goes on in this crazy head of mine….


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