One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Recognize this hang tag? You get one about every six months and if you’re like me…a sigh escapes when you realize it’s time to get rid of that stuff you’ve been hoarding around the house from old building projects or un-used items. Kinda like a squirrel stores nuts for winter.

Like a water heater your replaced but just didn’t want to haul to the dump or tree limbs you trimmed which again, was just easier to place them against the house where no one could see them.

So you see this bright color hang tag, smile and say out loud, “Finally!”

This past weekend Joaquin and I placed our old 20 year water heater out on the front sidewalk along with the frame my brother and I knocked out because they built the door AROUND the water heater…go figure.

I also placed an old lawn mower that I swore I would sell at a garage sale for five bucks.

Five bucks…I held onto the decrepade mower for four years to earn FIVE BUCKS. I did tell Joaquin I’d give him FIVE BUCKS to take the wheels off though…funny.

We dragged those items out on Sunday around 1:00pm and by 1:45pm – both items had been picked up by some passerby’s!

Oh..M…Gee. 45 minutes. I couldn’t believe it.

I know what you’re thinking. “Water heaters make great BBQ pits” – not the way this one smelled. Plus the mower was missing wheels! It just amazed me until…

I was driving back with Joaquin from a Boy Scout meeting on Tuesday night and I saw a chair out on the sidewalk of a house up the street. I screeched to a halt and instructed a bewildered 13 year old in a Boy Scout uniform to jump out and place the chair in the back of our truck.

“Don’t question your Father! Just do it”

…finally I got to use the line my Father used on me oh so many times.

Tonight I went to work and fixed one of our chairs. See gallery below.

Funny thing though, when I proudly showed the chair to Liz – specifically stated how my ingenuity and resourcefulness had saved us some money, I thought I finally had a comeback to her comments of past.

You know the one…”It was on sale so I saved us THIS MUCH MONEY!”

Yeah, that fell on deaf ears. I was hoping I could add some accessories to my impending iPhone purchase but to no avail.

All I got was, “Hmmm…looks good. I think I’ll keep you.” She slapped me on my butt and walked off.



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