Our short Horror film made the cut!

As some of you know, my buddies and I entered a short horror movie contest about 2 weeks ago. And last night we learned we placed!

Our short horror film  “GASP!” will be shown on Halloween night on Chiller TV!

Here is the email we got from the Monster Mash-up site:


Your film has been selected as a winner for the Monster Movie Mash-Up Contest by Synthetic Cinema International and the Chiller Network. Out of hundreds of entries your film has been chosen as one of the best!

Your short film along with the other winners will be shown as part of the “Monster Movie Mash-Up” on Chiller Network on October 31st, from 9:30 – 11:30 Eastern Standard Time.


Really?! Really?! We’re gonna be shown on National TV! WOO-HOO!

But if you can’t wait until Halloween or don’t have ChillerTV network ( channels below) , I’ve posted the video below:

**Update -10.26.10 –  I’ve added the channels for each cable carrier (that I could find) that carry the ChillerTV Network. I think I got them all and I hope they are correct.

  1. AT&T Uverse – 153 (what I have)
  2. TimeWarner – 253
  3. GVTC – 106
  4. Dish Network – 199
  5. GrandeCom – 171
  6. Direct TV – 257

Here were some of the rules of the contest,

Our short film could only be 1-3 mins long and had to include a monster.

As a team, we gelled really well during this movie project. Me behind the lens, Fernando directing and Mike lighting. It took us about two weeks to plan, then one day to shoot and about three days to edit, output and upload.

Fernando pulled together our ideas for a crafty story, storyboarded it — then executed it with his direction by guiding me (shooting) and our actors on the set. He did a excellent job acquiring talent, locations, wardrobe and the erie music bed for our film short.

Mike, what a grip! Haha! He is our lighting guy – we couldn’t have done this without his enthusiasm and help around the set. He helped add that “extra spookiness” with his dramatic lighting. Plus he even took time to document the shoot by taking some photos – which I’ve posted below in a gallery. I personally want thank him for not letting me fall during the “over the bed scenes” we shot.

I had fun shooting, post production and editing the film — had to let you know I did something!

Richie, our lead actor was phenomenal! You asked him what to do in front of the camera and he nailed it, every-time. He endured being in flannel pajamas in a hot stairwell and never complained. A professional to his craft.

Madison, our creepy little girl did an exemplary job on the one day shoot, she seemed to have fun running around the set and being spooky. And let’s not forget Michelle and Richard (Madison’s parents) for hair and make up. Thank you for letting us have Madison in the film.

Here is the link to the contest page if you would like to see the other entries as well. We are in good company.

Synthetic Cinema International – Monster Mashup Contest

I’m so excited.


oh…pics below. You can click on images for a larger view.

2 thoughts on “Our short Horror film made the cut!

  1. OMG Gilberto. I am so impressed!!!!! The short film was scary, suspenseful, believable, very professionally executed….when is the sequel? I won’t be able to see it unless I am in SA. I do not have the 250 Gold package through Dish TV….NICE WORK MEDIA TEAM!!!!!!!

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