Almost done


Final day of digging was done yesterday. I was worried since on my way to take the kids to school – we got some rain and HAIL! Pea size and it was a lot! But it only lasted for about 10 minutes. Great…

It finally cleared up an hour later and since I was at work, I was worried the crew was not going to be able to dig. I got home with my son around 6pm and I was glad to see the crew finishing up. Man, you look at our home and it looks like it was hit by mortars! Holes everywhere! They even dug the four holes on the sidewalk – it’s been interesting going in and out of our home. We usually use the garage door entry but that is blocked off too. They put down 3/4″ plywood boards so we can step on them but the mounds of dirt make it an interesting obstacle course just to get in and out of our home.

They started to drive those round cinder blocks into the holes by the foundation. Pretty interesting how many they get into the ground. They they will use the bigger ones to shore up the foundation. They will then “lift” the house and fill in the holes with some concrete and put in half the dirt they dug out. The rest will be hauled off at clean up – which I hope will be on Thursday.

Tomorrow is a big day! Hopefully the house will be level and we can start scheduling the “water leak” contractors to do work in our home.


You can click on the images below for a slide show or each individual image.

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