HDR helps keep our grass green

So Liz was in the front yard “hand watering” and I went out to join her. We were both rather surprised how much cooler the temperature had gotten.

90 degrees if you can call that cooler…

But the slight breeze helped.

As we were talking, I brought out my Nikon camera out and decided to mess with HDR photography. But before I knew it, it was taking me too long to figure out the bracketing options, so I just whipped out my iPhone and used the TrueHDR app and snapped some photos.

They came out okay but I decided to bring them into Photoshop and do some very quick work on them…to the extreme.

See them below – click on the for a larger version too.

Can you believe them? With my iPhone…

So I helped keep our grass green too. 🙂


PS – about an hour ago I did go into the backyard (following Liz while she watered the back) and I did take these snaps with my Nikon.

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