Levitation and Smoke fun photography

I’d been wanting to do a “levitation” photo shoot in the backyard. So I did some research, got my model, my Sony A6000 and my Nikon SB600 speedlignt and with my helpers we shot it.

I then took it into photoshop and erased the chairs and viola! Instant levitation.

Morgan_Levitation_Smoke-001You can click on the above photo for a larger view.

Above you will find a before and after – just use the slider to see the difference.

Then as it started to get darker, I set my camera to manual and started playing with our smoke machine and settings.


Once again I took it into Photoshop and created a floating vampire! Click on the above photo for a larger view.

Again, use the slides for a before and after.

Just for kicks – started to shoot more of Morgan (thank you for indulging me my friend) and got some great “Scream Queen” shots. Click on them for a larger view.


I’ll be posting some BTS (behind the scenes photos later) so I’ll let you know.

So much fun.


2 thoughts on “Levitation and Smoke fun photography

  1. These are awesome!
    I’m also impressed with how she balanced on those two stools AND with the slider tool.

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