Mike Action Hero Photo shoot 10-11-14

DSC_2393Had some fun yesterday with my buddy Mike. He saw some of my photos from the The Walking Dead and was “inspired” so he wanted some Action Hero photos.

“Sure we can do that.”

I went out to his house in Somerset and took some light stands and speed lights. I used his camera and got some cool photos of him as an Action Hero. He even climbed up on a stool and jumped for some! It was my first time just shooting with speed lights but we both learned a lot and had fun.

There we some funny moments when I told him he should stop jogging and “really run!” So while I was waiting for him to come around the corner, I could hear him screaming, “GET TO THE CHOPPA!” like Arnold did in PREDATOR movie. I’m surprised I got the shot, I was laughing so hard. I guess you do whatever you need to get into character.

Below you will find some the “best” photos. Click on then for a larger view. Later I’ll post my creative composites. 

Here is a diagram of our lighting set up. Fired remotely using the Nikon SB600 to trigger the other two “slave” flashes. Shot at F/8 ISO 200 (later bumped up to 400) and Shutter at 1/250second but while he was running I realized the speed lights would “freeze” him so I slowed down my shutter speed to 1/30 second to get more ambient light into the picture. I love doing these kinda of things, having fun and learning.


And here is the photo that inspired him.


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