New Camera – Sony A6000

SonyA6000_NikonD7000So for my 22nd wedding anniversary/early christmas gift, my wife got me a new camera.

I’m moving towards the route of “mirror less camera” route. You can see the size difference above next to my Nikon D7000 with a battery grip.

What is a mirror-less camera you ask? Well it’s basically a smaller camera with all of the functions of a larger DSLR like my Nikon D7000. It just doesn’t have a mirror that flips up when taking the picture – see image below – click on it for a larger view:


This camera offers me the flexibility of:

  • Cost competitive
  • Shots 24 megapixels
  • Shoots in RAW and Jpeg – RAW offers more flexibility in the digital darkroom
  • Much smaller which allows me to carry it with me – inconspictiously
  • Has interchangeable lenses
  • Can buy an adaptor and use my other Nikon lenses
  • Can even use my external speed light flashes with it too
  • Shoots HD video at 60FPS – smooth slow motion
  • Has focus peaking which tells me visually what is in focus (old eyes)
  • Wifi capabilities
    • Can control camera with an app on iPhone
    • Send photos to my iPhone
  • Has facial tracking
  • Even has a “smile shutter” – it detects a smile and it fires the shutter – pretty cool feature.
  • And has SO many other “Intelligent” features built in.

I rather excited about this little guy. Not getting rid of my Nikon D7000, that one is still my work horse, but now that I have a small compact powerful little camera, I hope to capture more special moments of life.



Below is a selfie using the smile shutter. Click on the image for a larger view.


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