Official movie list for G-man (me)

Brushing up on my PhotoShop skills.

I decided to make a list of movies I wanted to go see this summer/fall. So rather than make a list, I decided to dust off PhotoShop and create a movie marquee.

I had these grand illusions that I would create an awesome design with custom neon tubing but then I go so wrapped up with the movie logos – I ran out of time to do the marquee. So in true “PhotoShop demo mode” I found some great pictures of three marquees and tore them apart and put them all together to suit my needs.

I’m quite happy with the results.

So here’s the way I’m going to rank them.

  • Outlined in gray – I have not seen
  • Outlines in green – I liked, go see it
  • Outlined in yellow – I’ll wait for the DVD
  • Outlined in red – blah…I didn’t like it

So I’ll probably start posting my own personal reviews and then either just keep placing this marquee pretty small (you can click on the image for a larger view) and then a small review of mine,

Now to start posting THOR and X-MEN: First Class. Saw them already.

I really liked this movie. Even though it was “modernized” something prevalent throughout the made-for-movie-from-comics concepts. I didn’t mind the updates.

It was funny, it had great special effects and a great action. It was like watching a comic book story come to life. Especially when Thor, slammed his hammer down into the ground. Way cool.

To me the story was somewhat predictable but c’mon, when is Hollywood going to come up with something really, really original? I hope soon. I will say this though, I don’t really know why Natalie Portman was in the movie. To me, she kinda took a back seat to the story.

I’m going to buy this when it comes out on Blu Ray. Oh and stay till after the credits.

My son and saw this movie over the weekend and we both liked it. Be prepared though, its long. 2hrs and 14mins I believe? Whew…long time.

But it had a good story, it explained how Professor Xavier and Magneto came to be…at least in the movie version. They also outlined how some of the other X-Men came to be along with some villains.

Forgive me if I’m a bit jaded but I’m a comic book fan and some of the liberties the movie took with the characters, I didn’t really care for. Plus, they really didn’t use the “original first X-Men team.” Again, based on my comic book reading. Although there is a very funny cameo on one particular “future” X-Man but cover your kids ears…not nice language.

The special effects were believable but some of them I could see “outlines” on some of the green screen stuff. Too bad since WETAWORKS, the FX shop out of New Zealand did the effects. I expected more from the shop that did the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and AVATAR. The costumes were cool, especially the BEAST but I still hate Mystique’s overall look.

All in all, good movie to go watch, I’ll buy the Blu Ray too. No need to stick around for anything after the credits.


I actually didn’t see this movie. I gave up on the Pirates franchise after the horrible 2nd movie. But the Liz and Emmy wanted to see it so while Joaquin and I saw X-Men: First Class, they saw Captain Jack Sparrow.

Good fun, adventure however sometimes the music was more exciting than the scene they were watching.

Liz’s words as she explained this review to me.

She did mention that The Rolling Stones Keith Richard made an appearance. He might have made one prior to this 5th movie (5ht one right?) but I’m can’t say since we didn’t see those.

I’ll see about getting it on DVD but I’ve outlined it in green since Liz and Emmy liked it.

That’s it! More soon I hope!


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