Radar Dog

Our dog Max had to go to the vet this morning. He had pulled back a nail while trying to get at an armadillo across the fence. He kept hitting the fence and broke/pulled back the nail. The Vet said it was pretty bad and he would have to be sedated since they would have to cut it back pretty far. 

So we left him at the Vet and 3 hours later he came home with a bandage. They told us we should try and keep him from chewing on the bandage so they said we could buy an “e collar” – found out later it called an Elizabeth Collar – go figure. We also got pain and antibiotic medication for him and left for home. 

I jumped on the internet looking for a cheap e collar and then stumbled across a DIY one. Hmmm…I can make that. So I did. He only has to wear it for two days and he hates it. But, it works.

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