She is my Wonder Woman


Today was a tough day. My 17yr old daughter had her 4 wisdom teeth extracted today. She was a trooper. 

Of all the strongest woman I know, she ranks up there in the top 4. Elizabeth being #1. 

I worked from home today so I could help with my little girl’s extraction process. She’s already gone through braces and now had to have 4 wisdom teeth extracted. Her procedure was at 8am and as I mentioned, I was thankful I’m able to work from home to help my wife get her home. 

We thought it was going to take about 2 hours but we were surprised when they called us after an hour. She was ready to go home. She was a bit groggy and you had to ask…

Will this be an opportunity to film her in a goofy moment you see online of parent’s posting their children’s reaction to the procedure. 

She surprised me. 

She was a bit emotional but got to the car and in the house ok. Three hours later, she was sitting on the sofa with Momma bear at her side. A couple of times she used the “bell app” on her phone to get our attention when she went back to her room to sleep but let me tell you – she’s been awesome. She’s a tough girl…just like her Mom. She was already posting pics of herself to her friends on Snapchat and other media to show her friends (and GodMom) that she was doing well. Even during the ABC Nightly News she was so lively commenting on current events. 

Being a film maker, I wondered if I would have used this opportunity to film her in her most vulnerable state, blabbing like an idiot, 

But of course, she continued to surprise me with her strength and resilience. Just like her Mom. 

I’ve posted some pictures below to share how proud I am of this strong, young woman. I’m sure she did better than I did – yes those are my two wisdom teeth pulled as my header image…oh so long ago (25yrs?). 

We will be watching Wonder Woman tonight – to remind me that I am lucky to have these two women in my life. Both are WW to me. 


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