Snake Charmer – I don’t think so.


Our dog Maximus (we call him Max for short) killed another coral snake in our backyard over the weekend. Click on the pictures for a larger view.

max inspects his killThis is the third coral snake that he has killed. We had been told by our neighbors that they had seen coral snakes in the area but we didn’t believe them…until April 08 when Max killed the first one.

At first we didn’t think it was a coral snake but when we recited the rhyme, “Red touching black is a friend of Jack, Red touching yellow can kill a fellow.” Yup – that’s a coral snake alright.

We took pictures of the snake then threw it over the fence. I was worried about Max – maybe he had gotten bitten – but thankfully, he hadn’t.

Then in October 08 – he bagged #2. Didn’t get bit either. Whew! ¬†

Then this past weekend as my son Joaquin was pulling the mower out, I heard a sudden intake of air, the word “JEZZ!” and watched my son do an incredible three foot vertical leap when he almost stepped on (dead) coral snake #3! Once again – Max was not bitten.¬†Based on what’s happened to us (and him) in the past couple of months – you can just never know. Click on the pictures for a larger view.


2nd coral snake

3rd coral snake

emma_joaquin_maxNot bad for an mutt puppy we found eight years ago wandering around our old home. I didn’t want to keep the mutt (I had put my beloved Siberian Husky, Tasha, down that year) but when the kids saw the puppy and held it up to me…I just couldn’t say no. Could you?

But don’t let those cute looks fool you – he’s already amassed an impressive list of kills. Unfortunate animals that have wandered into our…or rather “his” backyard. They were dispatched, with extreme prejudice.

I always tell people that if you’re gonna go into our backyard, make sure we are with you. Once he sees that you are with us, he’ll do his best to cleanse you with his rough tongue and then roll over and wait for you to scratch his belly. If you scratch him good enough, he’ll close his eyes and exhale while sticking his tongue out slightly.

He’s also a great watchdog. If people walk in front of our home, he barks – if the deer behind our fence get too close – he barks AND charges the fence. That’s good…unless it’s a skunk and it sprays the fence. Not fun.

Even our neighbors appreciate Max’s dedication to his job – some have even asked if they could borrow him to place in their backyard!

Max takes his job very seriously. He loves his family and we love him.

“Good boy Max…guuud boy.”


One thought on “Snake Charmer – I don’t think so.

  1. Remind me to not go into your backyard. Ever.
    That is the CUTEST photo of the kids with Maximus.
    Once, Janet and I were working in the yard and she was on a ladder, trimming a limb. Very calmly she asked, “M. What’s that rhyme about red and yellow and a fellow and yellow and black and Jack?” It took me only a second to realize where she was going. I told her the proper rhyme is, Snake. Snake. Get the Rake! Apparently it slithered right by Maddie. She is NOT a hunter.


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