Stimulating the economy…

Well, I know we are in a recession and all but I’m trying to help by stimulating the economy. I ordered some products and by the emails I’ve received – they are shipping. I’ll post when I get them – some neat stuff.

BoxOn another great note, my buddy Jim is moving to Germany at the end of the month and I guess he was tired of hearing me complain about not having an iPhone so I can could access the internet from anywhere – just kidding Jim.

You know what he did? He sent me his USB modem card to “see if I really would use something like that.” He won’t be needing it so he sent it down from Baltimore for me to test run. I love this guy!

It came today and I’ve already hooked it up. Will be interesting to see how it and I work together. 

Oh, forgot to mention that if you want to keep up with Jim’s progress on moving to Germany – he’s set up a WP blog as well. You can access from my sidebar under Macintosh (we bleed Apple) or just click here

So stay tuned for updates on the stuff I ordered. 


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