Throwing in the “wet” towel


So guess what? Our dryer stopped working or rather “stopped heating.” We noticed that on Saturday while we were cleaning up from the house leveling. For some reason the dryer was not heating – so no dry clothes. Just wet damp stuff…hmmm…more moisture…moisture is my NEMESIS!  

Great, another thing going south. 

So I dug out my owners manual for our 15  year old electric dryer and began my research. I then went online and called some of my friends and family. For the most part, everyone suggested it was probably the heating element that had gone out. I could purchase the part from a local parts store and replace it myself.


If I broke it – well, we’d then call the Appliance Repair service we used before and if they couldn’t fix it – then we’d have to buy a new washer and dryer…can’t just buy one right? They come in pairs.

I called and found the part Monday morning then took off from work at 4pm to go get it. I told my wife I’d wait till she got home just in case I was in the garage fuss’n with the dryer, she’d be in the kitchen, she’d  notice the lights flicker, hear a loud a pop and then, “¡YEH-YOWZ, MADRE DE DIOS!”  That would be her cue to call the ambulance. 

But doubt reared it’s ugly head at the Parts store while I was purchasing the $40 part. Before ringing up the part, the man at the Parts counter, looked at me and asked, “Are you sure it’s the heating element? Because you can’t return electrical parts.” After a brief pause I puffed out my chest and stated, “I’m sure it is…”  


I paid for the part, snatched the bag off the counter, drove home and decided I couldn’t wait. I know for safety reasons I should but I did take other safety precautions by updating my Facebook status to Gilberto Saldivar is getting ready to try and fix the heating element on the dryer! Wish me luck.” Don’t laugh – people have actually saved other people based on their Facebook status. 🙂

I placed the Dryer on it’s front, pulled out my tools, moved the cordless phone within arm’s reach and started surgery. I quickly located the heating tube and began my dissection. She wasn’t as cooperative as I hoped and even drew blood from a sharp unfinished edge that cut my finger. I just smiled and kept going. 

I replaced the heating element and even sucked out the vent with my shop-vac but when I plugged in the dryer – still just cool air. ¡PINCHE, MADRE DE DIOS!”  

I came back in, did more research and tried different things – even bypassed the thermal fuse but still no joy. I could start replacing all other parts but the Parts Store is only open from 8-5pm and it was already 7pm – I had no time…or the knowledge to test the parts. 

So after 2 hours – I’m throwing in the “wet towel” – we’ll call the Appliance repair guy and see what he charges us. 



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