Vintage Nikon EM Camera Aug2019

Last weekend we had the pleasure of staying with our friends in Austin. That meant the obligatory field trip (for me) to Frys Electrionics and Precision Camera and Video. I didn’t realize that PC was having an Inventory sale of sorts. They had lots of good vintage stuff out on tables. It piqued my interest and I actually found a Vintage 1979 Nikon EM film camera for $10. 


Of course I snatched it up and when I got home – I slapped on my old Nikkor 50mm lens on it. The film camera seems to work so I’m on the fence on trying to shoot film…but you never know. For now – this camera will sit on a shelf to admire.

PS – I also showed it m 19 year old Daughter Emma who was fascinated with the mechanical feature of this camera. 

I photographed it and you can click on the images for a larger view. 


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