Yet another school project!

My daughter is working on yet another school project with two other classmates from school, Jacob and Brooke. Each night one of them takes it home to work on and she left it on the table for proud Papa to film.

Tonight I was helping my son and his buddy produce a “podcast” of them reading famous speeches and scriptures. Chase, my son’s buddy came over and he read the Gettysburg address and then Joaquin was reading Revelation 6 from the Bible. I showed them how to use GarageBand and then they uploaded their mp3s to the school wikispace.

I know…don’t get me started. Upload homework to a wiki page?

It was late when we finished but then I saw what my daughter was working on. Something she built with her classmates out of popsicle sticks! So I took out my iPhone and did a quick movie.

Check out short video below.

Yes…I’m proud.


2 thoughts on “Yet another school project!

  1. Hey anytime Emma needs help eating all the ice cream to get to the sticks for the projects my kids are all over it.What a cool roller coaster can’t wait to ride it one day @ Fiesta Texas.
    You proud dad…

    the Ponce’s

  2. This is so cool!! Nice video. The girls and I loved it. But I think we’ll pass on taking a ride I almost got sick! Nice work Emma, Mom and Dad!!


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