¡Agua – Ay Chihauhua!

For those of you following my blog – remember back in March when we had a horrible water leak? We were in the middle of getting our house foundation leveled and we had to deal with a flooded house. Finally it all came to an end…or so I thought. Other little things popped up like, the water heater finally died. Something else to do with water…

My mom is staying at our home this week because both of my kids do not have summer camp and “Nana” wants to take care of them before they start school next week.

For the past two mornings, Nana has gotten up and graciously hand watered our hay (lawn) in the hopes of delaying it’s inevitable demise due to the ridiculous heat we’ve been having.

I got home today from work and Nana tells me, “¡Ay que susto Heel-bear-toe, la agua se prendio solito hoy en la manaña!”

Chew on that for a moment…

“Oh what a fright Gilberto! The water turned on by itself this morning!”

“What?” I asked.

“Si, la agua…”

Okay I won’t do that to you again.

She said that during the day the water turned on in the back all by itself. My wonderful little girl Emmy went to the back and turned it off. Both my Mom and Joaquin were dumbfounded on how the hose suddenly just turned on!

I then turned to my little hero, “Emmy, was the hose squirting from the end or from the reel.”

“From the reel Dad.”

Hmph…I went out to investigate and sure enough – the BRAND NEW HOSE I JUST BOUGHT YESTERDAY AT HOME DEPOT WHILE I WAS RETURNING THE BOLTS FROM MY FAILED DOLLY MODIFICATIONS had a tear in it. Click on the image for a larger view.

“Maybe Max chewed it.” Joaquin asked.


“Maybe the heat just tore the hose?” Emmy asked.


“Ala mejor fue una culerbra…” Nana asked.


Maybe in a final act of desperation, the yard decided it didn’t want to die. It squeezed the pipes under the house in the hopes of applying too much pressure so the hose would burst and water would spray all over the grass and it would be saved.


Maybe my Mom just forgot to turn off the hose at the valve and it burst because it was a cheap hose and under the sun/heat? Click on image for larger view.


Thank god they were home, heard it and turned it off.

…God is testing me again…


3 thoughts on “¡Agua – Ay Chihauhua!

  1. Did you see a “Made in China” label anywhere on the hose? Maybe they’ll take it back and fix it for you…..

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