7 thoughts on “48 hour movie posted

  1. Wow!! That was great cinematography and story line. Gave me chills at the end. Beautiful location and excellent facial expressions. Way to go!

  2. Oh great. Now I’ll have trouble sleeping tonight. This is why I don’t watch horror flicks. Nice nod to Hitchcock by the way.
    Well done as usual guys!

  3. Very nice work! I can totally relate to being creeped out by being alone in a strange house, hearing strange noises, etc. You did a great job of capturing that feeling. I can’t believe you guys pulled this off in 48 hours!

  4. Very cool! I love the Hitchcock reference.
    The lead actress, Robin Early, is a very good friend of mine!

  5. Great job! I too loved the Hitchcock reference. The quality of the filming couldn’t be better. Very impressed with the whole film..especially that it was on 48 hours to get it done! Very impressive!

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