A Different Angle

As most of you know I’m constantly using my camera to document the school’s sports team. I try not to be a distraction to the players and coaches but I do my best to get different shots and get in close.

Since my videos will be presented at the end of the Sports year at the Banquet, I want to show proud parents what their kids are experiencing during the games – rather than what they just see from across the bleachers.

Last night the Saldivar clan stayed at the gym so I could film three basketball games and my wife snapped this pic of me. If you click on the image for a larger view, I also embedded a video snap of the angle from my camera.

See my little girl next to me? She had just finished playing about an hour before and was helping out by bringing over some Gatorades for the A Girl Team – she’s such a team player.

I just thought it was an interesting shot plus did anyone notice how tall those girls are? Or really how short I am?

My wife Liz was working the game as well, using the new lens on our DSLR and I posted a couple of pics she took below (click on them for a larger view) after I did some color correction, noise reduction and sharpening — man, that blue floor in our gym is tough to shoot — it’s just so dark. Shooting a lighter floor works much better –see these pics.

Now I just gotta figure out how to get my camera inside the huddle without it getting stepped on.

Anyway – thanks for letting me share.


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