A little peace of mind?


When my boss heard about the water leak we had – he mentioned you could purchase some sort of “shut off” hose. Today while the workmen are digging holes in my yard (foundation) I went over to Home Depot and looked through all of the replacement hoses for the toilet. Ever since the water leak  – we kept the water shut off at the toilet and it was time for me to replace the hose. 

I looked at all the hoses and a white label with blue lettering FloodSafe” caught my eye. The hose “shuts off” if it detects a sudden flow of water –  you know – if the plastic cap to the tank happens to break. 

It was about $3 more expensive but that is such a small price ($7 each) to pay for some additional peace of mind. I bought two and installed the first one and will put the 2nd one on the other bathroom toilet later. They even sell some for faucets too. I’m sure I’ll be going back to Home Depot to see if they have any for the washing machine hoses as well. Every little bit of insurance helps. 

So I’m passing this along to all of you reading this post – check your hoses to see if they are “FloodSafe” hoses – $3 dollars additional is such a small cost.  

I’ve included a picture below and here is a link to the manufacture’s site – you can see the difference on the hose connector that hooks up to the shut off valve. 



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