Alamo City Comic Con 2013 Photos

Alamo_ComicCon-2013-0139This past Saturday Liz, Jody and I attended the inaugural 2012 Alamo City ComicCon in San Antonio the weekend of Oct 26th. I took my camera because I really enjoy taking photos of people in “Cosplay” or costumes. Plus it would give me practice for event shooting.

We arrived around noon on Saturday and walked about 4 blocks down to the Henry B Convention center. As we crossed the street we saw a line snaking around the building.

Oh my god!

But luckily, I had purchased tickets prior so we promptly stepped around the crowd and into the building to get our wristbands. We walked into the main hall and I began shooting. I was messing with my flash and even thought would be able to take some video but then realized it was just WAY TOO CROWED. There were droves of people in there. Plus, they started the autograph sessions (Adam West and Burt Ward) were in there and it was a mad house.

There is a gallery  – lots of photos.

But the costumes were great. People were so nice. I would walk up, ask if I could take their picture and they would say, “Sure” and strike a pose. It was great. I really enjoyed it but then it became like work., But it was tough. I would try to step back and always run into someone either behind me or crossing in front of my shot. Something I need to work on for next time.

The two most words I heard the most were, “I’m sorry” or “excuse me.”

People were very nice. I finally ditched the flash and switched lenses to use the available light and it worked great but still, lots of people. I finally was just snapped photos as people went by. After 3 hours, we ditched the convention headed over to Dirty Nelly’s and had some beers and some snacks.

Great convention, I’ll have to do it again next year.

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