Always amazing…


I’m always amazed at the technology we hold in our hands…

Yesterday I had to drop my truck off after work to my mechanic to finish up some repairs. Liz came and picked me up and since we were close to downtown, we headed on over to La Margartia in Mercado Square for dinner since the repairs were only going to take about 1.5 hours.

After dinner downtown with the kids, we strolled Mercado Square and I had my trusty new iPhone 4S and it was close to sunset  I snapped this photo of my wife and kids walking away from me. I just thought it would be a cool shot but I just tucked it away. During my lunch break at work, I opened up the photo and then started to “retouch it” using some of these little Apps I have on my iPhone.

Click on the small gallery below for larger images. The Apps are listed below.

I did not retouch them in any way in Photoshop other than to resize them for the web. Again, I’m just amazed at the technology and what we can accomplish with technology we can hold in one hand.

I first snapped the photo with the regular camera app on the iPhone.

I then used this cool little app I got for free (limited time) called Rays – you can guess what it does great. It enhances and places “Rays” on the picture.

Then I took it into Camera+ (one of my favorite camera apps) and added the wonderful “Clarity” filter.

After that I added a (rather strong) vignette.


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