Another Creative Photoshoot 10-10-20

All this quarantine stuff has gotten me itching to create something so I enlisted the help of my wonderful friend, Lauren to shoot something Halloween themed. 

I took my gear over to her house and she had this great black dress so we shot some images on a Sat night. The goal was to create some images I could use in a Victim or Villain movie poster theme. 

But damn…Lauren just came out looking so beautiful 

I used one main light for most of the shots and then a smaller light to “rim light” her. I experimented with different angles to get the “victim” or “villain” vibe. Got the photos we needed (and then some) and I created a movie poster. Hope you like it. Click on it for larger view. There are some more images below on what I used to composite it together. 

Click on the images for a larger view. 

Thanks for letting me share. 


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