3D Sony HDMI Clamp – REWORK


Remember the issue I was having with my Sony HDMI port? The connection on the camera was getting loose from years of use and in order to save some money (and time) to repair the port – I 3D printed a clamp. 

But I did notice that in day to day use that no matter which direction I turned this 3D clamp – it was blocking the power port, which helps keep my camera powered while using it as a webcam.

Yes you overachiever…

And the HDMI cable and Power cable are different widths so I couldn’t use have the clamp on both. So I needed a solution. A customized HDMI clamp that allows me to fit both clamps on the camera. 

The beauty of 3D printing is that you can take other folks files and (if they let you) you can modify them. I took the template and removed one layer and customized it for my own use. Took several tries and prints (each print took about an hour) and I was able to come up with something that works for me. You can see the images below and the “DOH!” moment as well. 


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