Upgraded my Ender 3 Pro’s circuit board 9-5-20

Replaced the 16bit circuit board to a new 32bit board on my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer. Nothing wrong with the current board but upgrading (small cost) included these benefits:

  • Quieter stepper motors (not as much noise when printing)
  • Enable thermal runaway (printer shuts down if the heating sensor malfunctions – won’t burn my house down)
  • Allows me to upgrade the firmware without having to remove stuff from the on board memory
  • Adds some numerous utility enhancements to printing
  • The company included a rubber ducky (builds confidence)

I was a bit nervous of upgrading since you have to take the printer apart – remove wires and stuff but found a great tutorial online on how to do it and USE TAPE TO LABEL YOUR WIRES!!

Saved my ass…

So I did it and turned it on, it booted up but I needed to upgrade the firmware  – which was a breeze via a mini SD card. 

Now I’m printing. Whew… 


Detailed photos below (click on them for a larger view – but the video below shows how much more quiet that new board helps. Now all I hear is the fan motors. 

Video first – click to play:

Install pics:


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