Another proud Papa moment…

I’d been holding this back for a while but my son, Joaquin was presented 8 merit badges about two weeks ago at his Scout Court of Honor.

He also received his next Rank Advancement – he’s a Star Scout. Only two more ranks until Eagle…wow…

He earned:

  • Archery
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Swimming
  • Family Life
  • Communication
  • Citizen in Community
  • Citizen in Nation
  • Stamp Collecting


These will be stitched to his current collection. Click on this link to see them.  Or see what he did to earn them by clicking here.

He earned them but he still got a ways to go. He can please his ‘ol Dad some more by getting this one.
Cinematography Merit Badge.
But the way that boy plays his XBox…he’ll get t his one first.
Gamer Merit Badge.
But maybe we can compromise…I’m not sure these are real, but they look like fun.
Thanks for letting me share.

One thought on “Another proud Papa moment…

  1. I hear you on that. I’m going to try to make Austen a deal. He has to get his Eagle project done before we even talk about a license much less a car.

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