Antonian 2011 Football Pictures

This morning Joaquin had to be at Antonian for the 2011 Football pictures.

It was rough, had to be up at 7am for pictures at 8am!

I’d already been at the school four times yesterday! Once in the morning since it was his first day of school. The second time was to pick him up from school, third time was to take him back for football practice and then finally pick him up from the football ice cream social.

He didn’t like the ice cream social as much and I didn’t go – I was worried a repeat of last year would happen. Read my account by clicking here. It’s a pretty funny story.

Since I was taking him, I took my camera to snap some photos so I can create his annual sports calendar as I’ve done in the past. You can see the past ones for Joaquin and Emmy below the gallery.

“Don’t worry Mijo, I won’t embarrass you I promise, that’s your Mom’s job. You don’t even have to look at the camera.” I told him.

To keep our family informed, I create a sports calendar. I use a picture, add the schedule with some graphics, turn it into a PDF, then email it to the familia.

I took some snaps and I’m going through them to pick the “hero shot” to use in the 2011 Joaquin Antonian Football schedule. I think I’m going to use the header image. You can see the other pics below, just click on them for a larger view.

Now to start designing…

Here are links to the past sports schedules, just click on the link to see them:
Emma 2010 Basketball
Emma 2009 Soccer
Emma 2010 Softball

Joaquin Football 2007 Blessed (rookie)
Joaquin Football 2008 Blessed
Joaquin Football 2009 Blessed
Joaquin Baseball 2010 Blessed
Joaquin Football 2010 Antonian


PS – I was talking to one of the Dad’s while waiting for the pictures and as I was telling him about what I was doing, He said, “Oh yeah! Joaquin, he’s the Antonian football guy!” Apparently if you google Antonian Football, you’ll see one of the sports schedules I did for him. Joaquin is somewhat embarrassed but not me.

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