Behind the scenes of a music video

Remember over the 4th of July, me and my buddies were creating a performance video? Well, we did it, posted it online and we are happy.

Now I thought I would post a short “behind the scenes” video of how we accomplished the look of the performance video.

The NiceworkMedia team, Michael, Fernando, my nephew Joel did a fantastic job of setting up the stage for Wendy Valentic’s performance. We basically converted my living room into the stage. And Jacob did a awesome job on hair and make up as well.

Plus Liz was a great help as well.

What you don’t see in the short video is the music capture, conceptualization, storyboard, filming, editing and then posting the final video on a dedicated page on done by NIceworkMedia for Wendy. Click on the link above to view the final performance/page.

From our webpage: “This project is part of Wendy’s digital portfolio produced by Nice Work Media to showcase her talent as a live music performer. The concept allows viewers to experience her presence in an intimate, cabaret setting.”

Below is the short BTS video.

We hope to do more in the future so please spread the word and our link.


P.S. Shout out to my Brother-in-law Todd. He’s a “musician” and tweaked the audio on the video after I showed him the video. You can see his site below:

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