Horseback riding

Nice picture of my buddy Mike and my daughter doing some horseback riding.

Yesterday I drove out to my brother’s ranch out in Stockdale, Texas. He and his wife live on 102 acres and getting high speed internet has always been tough for them. Martin bit the bullet and got a satellite system and I went out to add a wireless network. My brother is the one that helped Joaquin with some practice shooting for Boy Scouts.

Of course as soon as Emmy found out I was going out there, she had to come with me. I also invited my Buddy Mike (one of my partners in crimes for niceworkmedia) to come join us since he also lives on some acreage in Somerset Texas.

While I hooked up the wireless router and printer, Emmy played with some kittens and Mike watched as my brother had some construction being done at his place.

My sister-in-law Trish asked if Emmy wanted to ride (of course she said yes) and they all went to saddle up. Mike even rode. I didn’t since someone had to document!

It sure was hot so they didn’t ride long but they both had fun. I took some photos and did some work in Lightroom and Photoshop. You can see the gallery below. Click on them for larger photo,

Thanks Uncle Martin and Aunt Trish. I’m sure we’ll be out there again.


One thought on “Horseback riding

  1. thx for bringing the kids–the kittens mom was “taken” by a coyote when they were only a week old.

    looking for GREAT homes for a couple of them.



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