Some portraits of Elizabeth

***Saturday 7/30 for some reason the 1st row of pictures are coming out gray! Still tying to figure out why they are not as bright as 2nd row!**

Posted some pictures of my Elizabeth tonight. Click on a photo for a larger view.

I was inspired to try and take some photos of my beautiful wife tonight at dusk. It didn’t rain and I saw some nice colors up in the sky so I grabbed my camera and flash, yelled for my beautiful wife to come outside.

Which she obliged, after I said, “Pleeeeaaaaazzzzz…..!”

I wanted to capture some of the colors in the sky but just couldn’t before I got everything set up. I didn’t want to fire the flash right off the camera so I got my remote triggers and set up my external Speedlight flash unit.

So started snapping pictures and got some interesting angles because our dog, Max, was trying to play with Liz. He kept trying to jump on her and she’d bend down to pet him.

We wrapped up the five minute photoshoot and I came in and brought them into Lightroom and Photoshop and did some quick edits on some – just to get them “Liz approved.”  For the most part, I like them.

And I’ll say it now…I”m a very lucky man…

Oh…the picture below…well…

I had asked Liz to hold the camera and she blinded me while I was setting up my Nikon Speedlight on a light stand. She didn’t realize the remote trigger was still on the Speedlight and she wanted to take a picture of me.

I couldn’t see for about 30 seconds but Liz was like, “that was a good picture!”

I don’t know…I look so much older and the five o’clock shadow ain’t helping either. Oh well.


One thought on “Some portraits of Elizabeth

  1. My sister still got it!!! And 4 an accident she took a great picture! The subject needs work but the angle & lighting were interesting!

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