Diamond Ring Photos

This past weekend my friend Debra asked if I would take some photos of her diamond ring so she could post them on eBay.

I set up my light tent and experimented with shooting on some felt and the top of my glass desk with a black card underneath. I found a small black polishing cloth, rolled it up and snaked it into the ring as a holder since I didn’t have one of those “fake finger ring holders.”

I then experimented with my lighting set up on my desk and used Lightroom to shoot tethered using my Nikon D7000 and my Nikon NIKKOR 50mm prime lens. I mostly stayed around F/4, 1/30 second shutter speed at ISO 400.

Man, this stuff is tough. I’m not at all a “Jewerly Product Photographer” and some of the images are dark in my opinion (I wanted to show contrast) but I’m quite happy with the results for my first time out the door.

See the gallery below, you can click on them for a larger view.

There are some slight variations on color and lighting so that Debra could have options for posting. Debra was quite happy with the outcome and I hope she sells the ring.


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