Joaquin is back from Boy Scout summer camp

Joaquin is back from his weeklong Boy Scout camping trip.

He’s been at Rancho Cima Boy Scout camp near Wimberly TX since last Sunday.

Mama Bear really missed him and there was a rodeo on Friday night so we took off to go see the rodeo and bring him back that night.

Man was it hot!

I can’t even imagine what it was like for those boys (and Scout Masters) to endure those temps.

But the boys were there not only to camp, but to earn Merit Badges and do “service projects” as well.

Joaquin earned two Merit Badges and just needs to complete one more requirement to get his 3rd. Plus, him, his Scout buddies and Asst. ScoutMaster Alex Bennet, cut down about 8 trees as part of a service project.

Joaquin also mentioned that at least once a day, they served either Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner to the masses. Asst ScoutMaster Bennett told me that in their area, there were about 100 Scouts, but further down the road, near the river, there must have been about 500, I don’t think our Scouts had to feed them!

The week ended with a rodeo for the Scouts to participate in. I took some snaps. Our Troop 500 boys represented us well. They had some trouble with a stubborn mule but did not give up. I posted some pictures below — click on them for a larger view.

I’m glad my boy is home too.

There…I said it. 🙂

Thanks for letting me share.


PS, Asst ScoutMaster Bennet took a photo of the “cowboys” and I had some fun with it in Photoshop. You see the before and after below – click on it for a larger view.





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