Back in 1986

Here is a picture of the last really big snow we had in San Antonio. I had my trusty Nissan 4X4 and I was just not content to stay in doors. I drove around with all the crazies…

I loved it.

I know we’re not gonna have that kind of snowfall tonight we had in 1986. As a matter of fact, you can count on that.

Weather men make great poker players I’m sure — they teased us last time. Plus I remember it got to 11 degrees one night too!

But today my friend Laura from Dallas sent me an email about how I came to rescue of her parents who were stuck in the snow during that snow fall in ’86.

So I had to go dig out (bad pun) the ol’ photo albums to find the pictures my buddy Al took of my truck on that day. Not much to see for people up north, but down here in San Antonio, it was a an amazing site to see so much snow. In 86 – we had 16 inches.

I had fun driving in the snow.

I remember when I had that wonderful Nissan Truck…people would ask me, “Why do you need a 4X4 Truck?”

Just for 1986…


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