Back to school tomorrow – it got here fast.

Tomorrow the summer ride is over for my kids. They start back to school. My son starts high school, my daughter into 5th grade. They begin a week early since they go to Catholic School.

It just seemed like a short summer but who am I kidding?

We did a lot but now the fun begins for the Saldivar Clan. Academics are the important thing for our kids but they love sports as well. Joaquin is giving Freshman football at Antonian High school a try and Emmy is going out for the Volleyball team at Blessed Sacrament.

The good news is that “hopefully” both will be playing for the school teams. Actually, Joaquin is on the team but Emmy still has two more tryouts tomorrow and Tuesday.

This could mean our weekends will be free since CYO was mostly played on the weekends. Practices should also be held at the respective schools so that will help as well. I hope.

I’m strapping in — it’s gonna be a fast ride.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the cool school bus photos – it’s real. Found it on this webpage.

Jet-powered school bus reaches 350 mph, eliminates tardy slips — Autoblog


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