Got my Geek on…

My Cool WatchAt least my watch that is. Most of you know how geeky I can be but this watch is a god-send for someone as “vain” as I am. See, I’ve had to start using reading glasses this past year.

All normal I’ve been told.

But a good friend of mine, David Gunn, showed up one day with this KUEL watch. It was an iBeam. It didn’t look like mine but it had the same characteristics. It had a an easy to read dial and a maginfying glass built right into the crystal. This way if I didn’t have my “cheaters” while reading a menu, I could flip up the crystal and “voila!” I’m in business.

I bought one soon after.

It also had another cool feature. An LED spotlight. And  this sucker is bright. You push the orange button and this powerful little LED illuminates the darkest of hallways (no zombies there) or a map to find your way out of the (horror) house (with zombies).

Yeah, my imagination in over-drive again.

Most of my family just roll their eyes when I show them my watch, “Of course you have that watch. Why wouldn’t you?” They smile. As I do. Oh and it has a compass too. See it? Plus it has dual time zones, a stopwatch, countdown timer, blah, blah, blah.

I’ve had this watch for about 2 years now and the LED battery finally died. So I took it to this jewerler by my work and after three days I got my trusty Gizmo back with 3 new batteries – yes 3 – one for the watch, two for the LED.

I’m giddy again and armed with the power to vanquish any zombies lurking in the shadows when I go to bed…plus I can tell what time it is in Germany (Jim).

Yes, my adult human night light.


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