Blessed Sacrament Lady Bulldogs – Incarnate Word High School Tournament Champions

BSS_IWHS_Tourney12-22-0003This was another busy weekend for us and the rest of the Blessed Sacrament Lady Bulldog’s A-Team Basketball team and families. We played in the Incarnate Word High School Basketball Tournament.

We started on Friday and continued through Saturday night. We played Friday at 4:30pm and won, then went onto play three games on Saturday. 10:15am, 2pm then for the all the marbles at 8:15pm. We didn’t lose one game. Our girls were animals on the court.

I didn’t take my Nikon with me on Friday because Elizabeth told me it was a dark gym but it was actually a well lit gym so I took my camera on Saturday. Below you will find a gallery of the photos I took of the two games, the 10:15am  and the 2pm.

I was practicing again with my camera so the shots of the 10:15am game were close ups and I made it a point to shoot in “portrait mode.” I keep  my finger smashed on the shutter button so my Nikon D7000 was shooting at 6fps. I had a lot of photos to cull though between games (1,200 and 600 respectively) but I really liked them. I did minimal post processing on them. It was a challenge to keep my shutter speed high to freeze the action but for the most part, I got my shots. And the shot above? I shot that with my iPhone! Didn’t take my Nikon for the championship game, wanted to chew my nails off like the rest of our parents.

Click on the images for a larger view – then look for the little double arrow (>>) at bottom of pop up pictures to advance to the next one.

Here is the 2nd album of photos. I used a different lens (24-70mm) so the photos weren’t as close but in post processing, I gave the photos a more “edgy look.”

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