Bulldog Basketball victory…but a cost.

That’s my little girl…she looks mean doesn’t she? Get’s it from her Mom. 🙂

This past weekend my wife and daughter spent the entire Saturday in New Braunfels with her Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Girls Basketball B team playing in the Sts. Peter and Paul Basketball tournament. Liz was snapping some pics so I did a quick collage.

They lost their first game, then had to tough it out and come up through the loser’s bracket but they won 2nd place! It was a tough victory…more so for my little girl.

She’d been complaining about her ankle hurting and it got so bad that after basketball practice today, she ended up asking my wife to take her to the “Doc-in-a-Box.” Well, after some X-Rays, Emmy came home in crutches and possibly a fractured fibula. She’s on crutches until we go see a specialist.

She’s not complaining too much now that “Momma Bear” is all over this injury. You know – like she’s done in the past with our boy.

We hope it’s not too serious but the specialist will tell us once she gets evaluated.

And Basketball season just started. 

But I know my Emmy is a trooper, like her big Brother  – who by the way showed her how to use the cructhes after they picked him up from Driver’s Ed.

Yes…Drivers Ed…ugh.

Hopefully she’ll heal up fast and help her team win some more medals.

Oh and in case you’re wondering, yes, I put the X-Rays up on my 27″ iMac against a white image – then I took a snap. 🙂


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