Finally get to start reading my book

I’ve been a big fan of Vince Flynn for some time now and tonight, I finally get to start reading my book Pursuit of Honor.

I know it sounds funny but to me nothing beats sitting down, away from the computer, iPhone or TV and just let a writer entertain you with a good book.

I got turned on to these types of political thrillers when my buddy Al introduced me to Tom Clancy so many years back. I kind of got lost in the political mess in his books and another friend told me of this up and coming writer, Vince Flynn.

I started to read his books way back and it seems this guy likes to put out a book every year. So I wait, buy it, then read it. He’s got a very interesting clandestine operative named Mitch Rapp. This guy doesn’t mess around when it comes to taking our terrorists for the US Counter Terrorist Unit. Guess that’s why I didn’t get hooked on the Kiefer Sutherland 24 show – I was already reading it.

Tonight I get to start reading and I hope this is a good one. He’s got his own website and other books but the one I would reccomend is Transfer of Power. Go find it at your local used bookstore.


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