Finally got around to fixing my son’s desk

Well I finally got around to fixing my son’s desk. I’m sorry it took me so long Mijo. But, I must say, all those times tolling around in the garage building stuff, helped me in fixing your desk hutch.

See, we bought my son a desk a long time ago, one of my 1st posts to this blog even. But when I got my new iMac, I passed down my trusted 24″ iMac. Only problem was…it was too high for that desk. About 3″ too high. To get the iMac onto his desk, I had to remove the hutch and he lived with his desk that way all through summer. I kept thinking, “How the heck am I gonna be able to raise that hutch so his iMac will fit and have it stable?” For now, we just took it off and he just put the hutch items in a box but this Saturday, my wife Liz was in a cleaning frenzy and since the kids had already started school, I figured it was time for me to fix his hutch.

I remembered I had bought some channel aluminum a while back when I built one of my first camera stabilizers. I had bought extra and thoughts, “Hmmm…maybe that will fit?”

Sure did.

So this afternoon I took out the hack saw, cut some of that aluminum, and after a quick trip to Home Depot – I got it set up.

I guess all those days tolling around in the garage paid off.

His desk is fine now. And I’m glad.


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