Finally tested my wireless mic

Purchased a new wireless mic the other day and I finally tested it today.

Works great. You can click on the picture for a larger view.

This is a wireless set up which mounts on my camera and gives me freedom of movement.

It’s only a mono audio mic so I’ll have to adjust the pan (make it stereo) in my video editing software but since this will be more for interviews — like we did on the 2010 Blessed Sacrament Catholic School Sports Banquet videos me and my buddies put together — it will work just fine.

We got a lot of “air conditioning” background noise with my boom mic while filming the coach interviews in the gymnasium so this mic will help eliminate that background noise since the lapel mic pins onto the subject just below their chin. They clip the transmitter onto their belt and I have the receiver mounted on my camera hot shoe.

For the price, this setup works pretty good so I’m pleased. I had the help of my Emmy testing it. She stood about 20 feet away reading a Nancy Drew mystery novel to me.

Jeez, I’m starting to look professional eh?


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