First pano time lapse with GoPro Hero2 and IKEA timer

Remember that DIY IKEA egg timer I would use with my GoPro I worked on?  Well, it finally cleared up enough for me to go test it in the backyard. You can see the test video below.

Instead of just setting the camera in one location, I placed it on a tripod in my backyard on the rotating egg timer – pictures below the video. The GoPro would then “pan around” while taking a picture every two seconds while the timer rotated around one time in an hour. After the hour, I took out the card, assembled all of the pictures (1,861 @8MP each) into a movie, brought that movie into Final Cut Pro X, added some music, titles, uploaded to Youtube  and “viola!” – a panning time lapse.

All that for 1:30 min of video below…but I’m learning.

I’m still ironing out the kinks because I think it’s a little grainy and a little choppy. I think it has to do with all of the various settings I had changed on the GoPro. I’m working on another version without the pano egg timer and I’ll post that later.

Here are some pics of the set up I took with my iPhone. Click on them for a larger view.

Thanks for letting me share.


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