G’s Weekend DVD Movie Reviews

Saw two movies this weekend on DVD. MAX PAYNE and EAGLE EYE

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I liked the cool, dark, edgy movie filter effects and the plot seemed interesting from what I gathered from the trailer.

But I gotta tell you. Mark Walburg seemed like he was really pushing it on his character portrayal of Max Payne. I’ve never played the video game but it just seemed a little over the top. Plus the story to me seemed contrived and just didn’t clean up too well. Most of the other characters just as shallow too. Good effects but weak story. 

Guess I should’ve played the game first.

2 outta 5 Gs.



This movie was a surprise too – but a good one. I really liked the action and how people could be manipulated by someone (or something). I was immediatly enthralled by the storyline and of course the techno-gimmicks. 

Shia does a great job of being the underdog. Always being the one out of luck and he pulled off a great act in this movie. And ANYTHING Rosario Dawson is in will work for me. 😉

I loved the action and stunts which kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Yes, the story was a bit predictable but I didn’t mind. To me, it was an escape and I really enjoyed the ride, so much that while out on Sunday running errands, I almost made an impulse buy of the movie. But I made my save. I’ll wait for it to come out at a lower price. 

4 outta 5 Gs. 


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