Maximus is free!

For all of you wondering about Maximus (we call him Max for short) he is doing much better. We removed his “Cone of Shame” back on Sunday but left his bandage on his paw. I was surprised at how long he kept the bandage on. He didn’t mess with it. He must have heard the Vet say it needed to stay on as long as possible to keep any kind of infection from developing on this “clipped” toe nail. 

This past Thursday when I took Joaquin to his basketball game in Fredericksburg TX (yes…an hour away) we noticed that he running and jumping alot more – seemed Max was back to his old self. On Friday Emmy and I noticed he was no longer wearing the bandage and we found it in the yard. Guess he’d had enough of the bandage. 

So the good news it hat Max is doing much better and is very happy to not be wearing my homemade “Cone of Shame.”


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