Uverse phone service finally installed

This morning an ATT Uverse tech showed up…finally. We got our phone line via the cable (like Time Warner) and it’s working fine. We also added a new cable box in the garage in the hopes it will motivate me to work out in there. Now to just hook up the punching bag without bringing down the garage ceiling. I have some ideas on that but back to ATT.

I guess the reason I mentioned “finally” on the ATT Uverse hook up was because of how long it took to get hooked up. See, we’ve had ATT Uverse cable and internet for about a year now and we really like it. We had a dedicated phone line through Southwestern Bell…which is now ATT. Since our dependence on our cell phones had increased, I felt it was time to switch over to a cable phone service and save some bucks in the process.

I ordered the service back in November 08 and they stated it would take about 3 weeks to install. Okay – right after Thanksgiving. I scheduled my time off from work to meet the guy Tech on Nov 29th. I was called (on the day of installation while at home waiting) that ATT had a network problem and they would have to reschedule. Which they did and promptly forgot to show up – AGAIN! I was P.O.’d. I called and spoke to three different people and of course (reading off their script) they apologized and agreed to set up another install AND discount my bill for about 5 months…a good discount. 

So this morning they showed up and in an hour we got our phone service (including a new Belkin battery backup – cool) and our new cable box in our garage. So we’re set and for now, I’m happy. 


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