Hero to Zero in 48 hours…

Great…to top of the bad day I was having…I made my little girl cry today.

I got out of work early today so I could shoot a couple of Softball and Baseball games. When I got to the fields, no one was there. I called someone and they told the games were played YESTERDAY…but no one told me. Grrrh…

I drove home and as I was working in my office, Liz called to tell me that Emmy was having a problem with a stubborn molar that was “just hanging on” and causing her some pain. They were going to stop off and get some Orajel since tonight Emmy was going over to her Aunt’s to help garden.

When they got home, I could tell my eleven year old daughter was not in a good mood. The loose molar was really bothering her. I looked at it and she could wiggle it back and forth with her tongue. I could tell it was ready to come out.

I asked her if we should pull it.

She bravely nods her head and says, “Yes sir.”

So I get some dental floss, tie it around the loose molar and walk toward the door handle. Liz had stepped out to go get something…a blessing since she knew what was about to happen.

As I was tying the other end of the dental floss to the door handle, I look over to Emmy and begin talking to her, reminding her how we had done this before when she was six years old. I even documented here.

She smiles and while she is distracted – I slam the door.

The molar comes flying out…Liz comes running and I see the molar laying on the carpet…then I look up and see my little girl crying.

I can’t begin to explain to you how horrible I feel. I felt so small and like CR@P!

There was my little girl holding her mouth with both hands as if I had punched her. This is the same little girl that told me I was a #1 one Dad a couple of days ago.

But I walked over her, hugged her and got her to the bathroom where she rinsed her mouth out and spit out some blood. Liz came over with the molar and showed it to Emmy then did the “Mom thing” that heals all wounds…she ensconced her close to her breast and kissed her on the cheek…softly telling her it “..It’s alright…it’s out.”

Of course, it doesn’t help me…I’m just standing there feeling like the worse person in the world when finally, Liz releases her hug on Emmy and then I get to hug Emmy. I stroke her hair, kiss her on the top of her head and ask is she’s ok.

“Yes sir…” she mummers…and hugs me tighter…almost squeezing out the tears I’m desperately trying to hold in.

I do my best to smile and be as brave as she is…the fact that she looks up at me with her beautiful blue/green eyes only pushes the hot iron poker further into the pits of my stomach but I have to be strong for her.

After 2 minutes, her (our) sobs subside. I do the only thing I can think of and grab the tooth, walk over to my computer, take a picture and begin to document this event.

As I’m taking the pictures, Emmy walks up, smiles then asks me,

“Are you taking pictures Daddy?”

“Yes Mija.” I respond.

“I like it when you do that.” Then pulls up a chair and sits next to me. She melts my heart with her big smile. She’s all better.

That…helps me.

Its tough being a parent but you take the good days with the bad days.


PS – Its rough here at the Saldivar household when it comes to teeth.

See this story about my son and the tooth fairy and one about me.


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