I feel the DIY bug tickling my nose…

I’m itching to do some DIY stuff this weekend.

Since I’ve received somewhat of a reprieve from the Sports Videos (not as much work and I have more time) I’ve decided to do something constructive this weekend. So on Friday, I bought some supplies.

  • 1 sheet (4′ x 8′ cut into two 4′ x 4′ squares) Black coroplast – it’s that sign material with pipping in it. Excuse the dust had to lay them flat on the garage floor.
  • Some spray adhesive
  • Velcro
  • An Emergency blanket – not to for use after screaming, “STOP, DROP AND ROLL!”
  • Some black hair bunchies
  • Some long elastic cord
  • Frosted report cover sheets

I’m going to pick up some more stuff tomorrow from Hobby Lobby since I ran outta time today.

Although while at JoAnn’s Fabric (no comments from the Peanut gallery please) I bought my little girl some craft stuff. She’s already ahead of me…one of her designs below:

So I hope to build tomorrow and show them off by using them and posting on my blog.

Wish me luck.


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