I wish someone would see these with me…

As most of you know, I’m a big horror fan but sadly most (sane) people won’t go see these movies in a dark, cool, creepy theatre with me. I wonder why?

I love horror movies. They excite me, they inject me with energy and arouse my senses…they make me feel alive…

TMI (too much information)

But I can’t help myself. I try to watch them but I won’t go to the theatres by myself for fear the other folks will point and whisper…”creepy, all by himself.”

So I have to wait until these types of movies come out on DVD and wait until my kids and wife go to sleep and turn down the volume (I’ve even thought of buying that ear thing on AS SEEN ON TV so I can hear the sounds better) and watch the movie all by myself.

It’s a sickness…but I love it.

Check out the link below to see what I’m talking about…but don’t watch them at night.

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